The mobile web is Internet browsing on smartphones and tablets. It's the next generation of communication and is quickly becoming the primary means of connecting people worldwide.

If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you're missing opportunities.

• On-the-go mobile users demand speed and efficiency. Research shows that users expect mobile sites to perform as well or better than desktop sites.

Desktop sites display poorly on a phone.

We'll design a custom mobile solution.


• Mobile traffic is up 3,000% since 2008. It's projected to increase 40-fold in the next 5 years.

• Apple sold 37 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2012. There are currently more iPhones sold per day than people born in the world per day.

• Google recently announced that over 850,000 Android phones are being activated daily.

• In 2011, mobile sales surpassed desktop computer sales for the first time.

• Morgan Stanley reports that mobile will be the primary source of web traffic by 2014. The same study reported that 91% of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7.

An app (short for application) is software that's installed on the user's device.
• Apps are generally much more expensive to develop than mobile sites
• Separate apps must be programmed for each platform — iPhone apps won't work on Android
• The iTunes Store and Android Marketplace charge fees for publishing apps
• App stores require an approval process that can be complicated and time-consuming
• If you change your app, users need to manually update to the new version

Mobile sites are simply websites programmed to display perfectly mobile devices.

• Custom mobile sites are priced starting at $495
• A single mobile site works on any smartphone or tablet
• Mobile sites can be found by search engines
• Changes made to your mobile site are instantly available to users
• You can update the content of a mobile site yourself, saving time and money
• Your current desktop site can detect if a user is on a mobile device, then automatically serve the mobile-friendly version — the process is seamless for the user

Desktop is for research, mobile is for action. Mobile web users don't want reams of information or large, slow-loading photos. Mobile data plans are priced by bandwidth usage. Content-heavy sites are actually more expensive for users. We'll help you determine the action items of your site to distill it down to the perfect size for mobile.

Here are good examples of the "lean and mean" approach to mobile sites:

• Bank of America's desktop site contains hundreds of pages of corporate information, in-depth financial resources and comprehensive portfolio management tools. Their mobile site has 4 functions: check balance, pay bills, transfer funds and find branch locations.

• Papa John's Pizza desktop site is nearly 100 pages. The mobile site does 3 things: order delivery, order carry-out and find a store near you.

No problem. Our programmers are experts at transforming complex desktop sites to mobile.

Standard Features:
• Design and development consultation
CUSTOM design! Don't be fooled by cookie-cutter "one click" mobile converters!
• One-touch phone call link
• One-touch email link
• Social share links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube
• Live Twitter feed
• Streaming RSS feed
• Location finder with GPS mapping
• Interactive Google map
• Contact form
• Custom home screen icon
• Unlimited hosting for just $12/month
• Auto-detect determines if visitors are on desktop or mobile, then serves the appropriate site

Optional Features:
• QR codes
• Mobile couponing
• Content management system to maintain your mobile site yourself
• Promotional micro-sites and mobile banners
• Virtual business cards
• Image gallery
• Streaming video
• Search Engine Optimization
• Separate Google Analytics for your mobile site
• Custom programming for ecommerce, dynamic data or secure zones

Yes! Our mobile sites include a user-friendly content management system for just $10/ month. You can instantly update your site from any browser. No technical expertise is required.

We're a full-service advertising agency with over 20 years of graphic design, web development, copy writing and video editing experience.

There are situations when OK is good enough. The landscape of the mobile web isn't one of them. Just having a workable site will do little good for your business. Inexpensive "one click converters" promise instant desktop-to-mobile. In reality, the conversion process is imprecise and forces your content into a cookie-cutter template. Your mobile site might look exactly like your competitor's!

Imagine designing a desktop site with nothing but text and clipart. The unprofessional design would send a negative message to potential customers. The same is true when creating a mobile site with carbon-copy templates. To truly tap the potential of the mobile web, your site needs to reflect the unique personality, features and benefits of your company. Only a professional can guide you in that process.

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