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Video email is perfect for any business, large or small. Here are just a few examples of how video email can help improve your bottom line:

⇒ Business-to-Business — Feature/benefit presentations for virtually any product or service
⇒ Non-profits — Personalized donation requests with a link to PayPal or other shopping cart site
⇒ Retailers — Product demos, sale items, personalized messages within newsletters
⇒ Auto Dealerships — Showcase vehicles and send personalized messages from salespeople
⇒ Realtors — Virtual tours of properties and personalized sales messages
⇒ Radio Stations — Promotional messages from on-air personalities and contest entry forms
⇒ TV Stations — Teasers for upcoming shows, movie trailers, video news items

It's simple! We provide you with a link to send us your video. You upload the video right from your browser — no special software is required. We prepare the video in 15 different formats, so it will play perfectly on thousands of devices at various Internet connection speeds. If you don't have a video, our production team can help you prepare one. You'll also send us a list of customers who will receive your video email. This step is simple too! All we need is a spreadsheet (Excel or .CSV file) with the customer's email address, first name and last name. Our production team can also help you craft the perfect message, to be sure your campaign gets results. We're a full-service advertising agency with over 20 years of marketing, video, graphic design and copy writing experience.

We accept AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V and WMV. The recommended length for your video is 30 seconds or less.

The possibilities are endless. In addition to your video, we can include links to your website, online brochures, coupons, contact forms, a Facebook fan page link....and more.

Your video email includes a FaceBook link, a Twitter link and "Send To A Friend" forwarding. We can also include LinkedIn and Google+ links. Video email is the perfect complement to any Social Media Marketing strategy.

We provide post-campaign analytics. Metrics include: sends, successful deliveries, bounces, unique opens, total clicks and the number of times the video was viewed.

Yes! Although video email is new technology, we accommodate users on older systems. If an email program cannot play your video within the inbox, it will present your email in a web browser window.

Yes! We insure your message complies with Federal anti-spam regulations (the CAN-SPAM act). A mandatory "unsubscribe" link is added to the bottom of all emails. We automatically remove unsubscribers from your customer database.

With video email, your video plays within the inbox in current email programs, smartphones and tablets. Video emails connect your video, marketing message and call to action together in one powerful presentation. It allows you to integrate features like couponing and contact forms within your email. Simply placing a YouTube link in an email sends the customer to the YouTube site and away from your sales message, minimizing the impact of your investment.

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